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Pretty fun.

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Very interesting game! I love the monster's booty! Haha! All in all it just needs a little polishing. Was difficult to play as an English speaker but that's what I get for playing a game made in Portuguese. Great job and can't wait to see what else you produce!

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you guys have an english version? :o I only can download Portugues XD and can't understand loi.

I Can Translate Your Game to Spanish?

*rawr* Hello everyone! I finished playing your game, The Sound - It definitely has a lot of potential, the 'creature' theme/movement is creepy as all hell. Though, the voice acting of course could use a lot of work, and volume adjustment, of it being too loud, repetitive in the slideshow room, or, too quiet like at the end-speech. Overall gameplay-wise, it's a good horror game though, enjoyed the Horror-aspects!

64 bit only??? That's something you really should mention XD

Made me realize just how scared I get at horror games! :)

I let my younger sister play this game for YouTube, and we had a really fun time. The monster could use some work in my opinion, but the atmosphere is really tense, and really creepy (also the English translation needs some work, but it didn't bother me that bad). All-in-all it was a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing what games your team will make in the future!


This isn't worth money. The game has horrendous audio, a laughable monster and a reliance on jumpscares. The last point would be excusable is the jumpscare wasn't terribly done.


Dude, sorry to say this but this game is poo, the monster would get stuck on walls, rendering it completely abusable, the text in some of the pages was cut off, the audio literally made my ears hurt so bad that I had to lat down afterwards, and finally, it just wasn't scary. Sorry to say this, but you should hear the truth. Don't let me discourage you, keep trying and one day, you'll be a great game dev.

I played your game. :D

Let me just tell that your game is amazing! It's, BY FAR, the scariest game I've ever played! It literally traumatized me. Although I said I wasn't going to play more, I know that eventually I'll need to play it again, sometimes we need to face our fears. Haha.

Overall, it's a really good game, it took me a while to figure out what to do and where to go but that's just because I'm really dumb ;)

Anyway, if anyone's watching this I really hope you liked the video! :D